We provide reliability engineering services dedicating our resources, our knowledge and our experience to support you so that your products will meet the expectations in terms of performance, cost, quality and reliability.

We provide the following activities:

– Product performance evaluation
– Optimized test plan definition
– Custom test bench development
– Accelerated life tests execution (ALT / HALT)
– Ageing data analysis
– Early failures prevision
– Defect localization and failure mechanism analysis

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A complete reliability study provides information necessary to extend the product life expectation, allowing to:

Reduce the number of failures


Minimize customer returns


Plan your maintenance precisely


Increase customer’s trust in your product reputation

Reliability test examples

Environmental Tests

Intraspec Technologies - Sevices - Fiabilité - environnement tests cr

Temperature storage and ageing,
Relative humidity tests,
Ageing under vacuum,
Radiations resistance

Mechanical tests

Intraspec Technologies - Sevices - Fiabilité - thermal cycles

Thermal cycles,
Leak tests,
Bond pull and die shear

Functional characterizations

Intraspec Technologies - Sevices - Fiabilité - IV diode

Electrical (I-V),
Electro-optical (LED/Lasers/photodiodes),
Construction analysis (DPA)

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