FIB (Focused Ion Beam) is an extremely accurate etching system which is precise to the order of magnitude of ten nanometers. At Intraspec, we dispose of two different systems with relatively identical working principles, but with different ions sources: the “classical” FIB, using gallium ions, and the Plasma-FIB, using Xenon plasma. In both cases, ions impact on the sample surface at very high speed, milling matter from the targeted area. Milling speed is 20 times higher in a P-FIB, allowing for bigger section areas. Standard FIB can, under specific conditions, have higher resolution.
Several operations can be performed using these two complementary systems: TEM lamellas production, material depositions, circuit editing, microsectioning. It is also possible to perform a set of microsections, with a step of approximately 10-15nm, to obtain a 3D reconstruction of the analysed area using information gathered through the chosen technique (SE, BSE, EDS, EBSD).